Tesla Model S Plaid prototype with insane retractable spoiler spotted on race track


A Tesla Model S Plaid (or maybe even Plaid+) prototype with an insane retractable spoiler has been spotted on the Laguna Seca race track – trying to beat some record.

While Tesla has yet to deliver the new Model S, the hype is not dying down.

The new version comes with a new interior and quite a few new features, but the biggest change is arguably the new higher performance versions: Model S Plaid and Model S Plaid+.

Tesla has long been known for pushing the limits of performance and now Plaid is the next level.

With the Model S Plaid, Tesla announced 390 miles of range, 200 mph top speed, and 1.99 second 0-60 mph acceleration.

At the same time, Tesla unveiled the Model S Plaid+, which is pushing those performances even higher with 520 miles of range, an acceleration in less than 1.99 seconds, and an insane quarter-mile in less than 9.0 seconds.

The Plaid+ is using Tesla’s new structural battery pack, 4680 battery cell, and tri-motor drivetrain, but it is going to come later.

Buyers have been looking forward to testing those new performance, but deliveries of the Model S Plaid have been delayed.

Tesla is currently the only one that can play with those crazy performance vehicles and now the automaker was spotted testing the latest Model S Plaid prototype at the Laguna Seca racetrack in California:

Tesla has been using the Laguna Seca track to test its vehicle performance for a while now.

Last year, the automaker took an early prototype of the Model S Plaid, or rather Plaid+ since it was equipped with a tri-motor powertrain, to Laguna Seca and broke some records with a 1:30 lap.

Now it looks like Tesla is back with the latest prototype, but its latest time is actually not the most interesting part.

The Model S spotted was equipped with cool looking retractable spoiler (via klwtt on Twitter):

Tesla hadn’t talk about a retractable wing for the Model S Plaid nor Plaid+, but the automaker sort of half-assed the launch of the vehicle, which happened in the middle of a quarterly earnings release.

Elon Musk said the automaker would hold another conference call just about the new Model S the next week, but it never happen.

So we might get some surprises when deliveries start in the coming weeks – though we may have to wait for the Plaid+ for the new wing?

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